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Book 84.  Macrame Inspirations Book 2

macrame hanging table  macrame hanging flower pot holders macrame odyssey macrame hanging table macrame hanging table
macrame hangers  macrame planters  macrame double pot hangers  macrame double pot holders  macrame hanging table macrame table macrame hanging shelf macrame rainbow
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  1. Hanging table
  2. Hanging flower pot holder
  3. Hanger for flower pot
  4. Odyssey Wall hanging size 32" in diameter
  5. Hanging table with flower pot holder
  6. Flower pot hanger
  7. Hanging table
  8. Hanging double flower pot holder
  9. Hanging flower pot hanger
  10. Hanging table
  11. Flower pot holder
  12. Hanging flower pot holder
  13. Double plant holder
  14. Hanging flower pot holder
  15. Double hanging plant holders
  16. Hanging table
  17. Hanging table
  18. Hanging flower pot hanger
  19. Hanging shelf unit
  20. Macrame Rainbow

  • Step by step instructions
  • Year 1981 good condition

  • 24 pages
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